Other services

There are a variety of ways in which the specialist skills provided by Alba can add real value to our clients. Among some of the additional services that we can provide include:

Interim support

In a constantly changing business environment it is difficult and often uneconomic to maintain all the necessary professional skills within one company. For example if your business is growing rapidly you may have to produce IFRS accounts or undertake complex modelling work, or develop a customised financial set of financial reports for ongoing use in your company. The experience of our team members in professional practice and in industry allows us to provide experienced short term support to clients which is fully focused on performing special project work with real tangible results. In addition to the provision of interim support we can provide specifically tailored training to the members of your finance team to remedy any areas where you believe, or where we perceive, that there is a training need.

Diagnostic services

As external third party specialists, we are often much better placed to evaluate the processes or deficiencies of a business's financial organisation than people within the organisation. Our team members have worked with a wide variety of clients of varying size and complexity. We are therefore extremely well positioned to advise you on developing your financial reporting function to ensure that it is suitable for the needs of your business. We can help you to identify any shortcomings in your processes and reporting and therefore help you bring your organisation towards best practice. 

Business modelling

Smaller entrepreneurial businesses can experience rapid initial growth, but as the business matures growth can slow until it is no longer moving forwards against the competition. Management then often has to make a decision about the potential risks and rewards of additional geographical expansion, significant capital investment, growth by acquisition, or the maintainance of the current trajectory.  For a fully informed decision we believe that a full financial analysis of each option should be performed and evaluated.  We would be happy to discuss providing you bespoke modelling services so that your significant decisions are made with a knowledge of the risk and potential involved.

Valuation services

There are many situations when companies require valuation services.  Just some of the more common are for decision making in an acquisition or disposal, or for tax purposes, or after an acquisition to allocate goodwill or subsequently to assess its impairment.  Whatever the circumstances we believe that valuation is not an academic exercise involving the entering of data into a spreadsheet, but is an applied science which involves the application of the skills and knowledge of experienced valuation practitioners who are aware of how the market impacts on value. Talk to use about how our consultants can give you a true insight into market value.  


Design and technical implementation:
Eksit oglaĊĦevalska agencija d.o.o.

Eksit oglaĊĦevalska agencija d.o.o.