Our core activity is the provision of specialist financial and strategic advice in one-off situations. For healthy companies, this typically means those infrequent situations where the company faces a major decision about its future direction, often relating to some form of corporate transaction.  It may involve raising finance for a specific purpose, or some form of corporate acqusition or disposal, or maybe the combination of both. Whatever the circumstances of the transaction we provide support and advice to buyers and sellers in order to assist them in selecting the most appropriate strategic options.

Our services are totally focused on adding value for our clients. In the ordinary course of business, companies rarely experience events other than corporate transactions with such potential to either enhance or to destroy shareholder value. We consider the provision of expert support in these circumstances as critical in achieving the optimum result.    

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Raising finance
    There are many different reasons why companies seek to raise additional finance. Typical reasons include:
    • raising expansion capital for either organic expansion or for an acquisition
    • repurchasing equity from exiting shareholders
    • attracting additional equity to reduce high levels of leverage
    • restructuring the maturity of the company's debt to one more appropriate for the business
    In all of the above situations a company needs to be comfortable with its funding structure. Alba Corporate Finance can provide clients with high quality advice on the optimal funding structure and terms, and then help our clients achieve that funding structure through raising the appropriate amount finance, in the right combination and on the right terms.

  • Business sale support
    Selling businesses so as to maximise the financial returns to the owners, whether the owner is a company or private individual shareholders, is a specialist skill. The level of complexity is relatively high and small variations in the sale process can have a significant impact on the consideration received. Just some of the key factors to consider include:
    • what are the key strategic considerations in the sale process – is it all about the price, or do other factors come into play?
    • at what point in the business cycle is the best time to sell?
    • what valuation should you be looking for?
    • how do you prepare the business for sale so as to maximise the sale objectives?
    • how do you protect the business throughout the sale process?
    • who are the likely purchasers and how do we involve them in the process?
    • what are the advantages of running a tender process against a negotiated sale?
    • what representations and warranties should the vendor be reasonably expected to give?
    Unless you have been through the process before, selling a business is much more complicated and arduous than you would think. The sale of most businesses with turnover of more than €2 million is a highly complex exercise taking at least six months. The complexity comes from the large number of variables involved. To achieve a good result and come through a sale exercise unscathed takes excellent planning, a lot of work and, most importantly, the right advice. Alba Corporate Finance are specialists in providing this advice.

  • Business acquisition support
    There can come a time in a company's development when organic growth is no longer sufficient to satisfy the shareholders. This can be because of the need to accelerate growth or, more defensively, because of poor growth prospects in the company's current sector. Either way, badly executed acquisitions can be highly damaging to shareholder value. The use of experienced external advisors in the acquisition process can assist in:
    • setting the strategic objectives of the acquisition process and the acquisition criteria
    • identification of acquisition targets
    • making the initial approach on a "no-name" basis
    • valuation of the target company
    • structuring negotiations and the acquisition process
    • assistance with the conduct of due diligence so as to identify all key issues prior to any transaction
    • negotiation of documentation and closing of the transaction
    Although the potential rewards are high, for any company the acquisition of another company is full of risk. Through the provision of expert advice and assistance, Alba Corporate Finance assists companies in tilting the risk / reward balance in their favour.

  • MBOs and MBIs
    In recent years the popularity of management buy-outs and buy-ins in Central Europe has declined. A key reason for this has been the lower levels of debt finance available as banks have had to rebuild their balance sheets, but another factor has been the public perception that these transactions were ways in which individuals could take advantage of privileged information at the expense of shareholders. In our view, management buy-outs and buy-ins are legitimate forms of transaction which, when executed with the appropriate safeguards, can offer the best available solutions for both the selling shareholders and the acquirers. Please contact us directly to discuss potential opportunities and the fiduciary duties of management teams in such a situation.

  • Joint Venture formation
    When we advise clients on the establishment and operation of JVs, we typically tell them that the most critical factors are to have mutually compatible shareholders with a common understanding of the strategy for the JV. If that is in place then most other factors can be agreed, but if this is not in place then the JV is unlikely to succeed. Other key areas that will typically need to be defined include:
    • management control
    • levels of shareholder approval required for decision making
    • supply of goods and services to the JV by one or other of the parties
    • future financing needs
    • dividend policy
    • exit mechanisms
    • deadlock provisions
    The process of negotiation of the key elements of the agreement are commonly invaluable in assessing the level of compatibility of the parties. Alba Corporate Finance can provide experienced assistance to companies in navigating their way through this process.


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