Management teams

In our core specialisms of restructuring, transactions and special projects, our experts have a wealth of experience that is not normally gained by management in the ordinary course of business.  Many of the decisions made in these processes are also critical to the future health of the company and are therefore too important to take a risk on.  We specialise in providing senior level support to company management that is facing a situation or a decision which it cannot afford to get wrong.

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Disposals
    Corporate transactions are a rapid way in which to grow companies, enter new markets, or to diversify into different sectors.  We specialise in providing senior advisory support to companies who are either looking to acquire or divest of businesses and in guiding them through the many dangers inherent in the process.

  • Company Business Review
    When companies are facing increasing pressure and declining cash flow, it is sometimes difficult to assess whether this is a short term cyclical issue, or whether there are serious structural problems in the company that need to be addressed before it is too late.  We perform company business reviews to assist management in identifying the key issues in their business and to plan their strategy in how to deal with these issues. As independent advisors we have the advantages of resource, experience and objectivity. In a short time-frame we can provide a comprehensive analysis of the current situation which will allow the decision makers within the business to undertake enlightened strategic planning.

  • Debt restructuring negotiations
    Restructuring debt can be highly beneficial and in some cases a critical element in a company's survival. With larger loan portfolios and with the existence of multiple lenders this can be a complex and time consuming process. We can remove this burden from management thereby allowing them to concentrate on the trading and growth required to move the business forwards.

  • Operational restructuring
    As part of our company business review process we will often identify areas where the operational performance of the business can be enhanced. For example, an outdated organisation structure can be a barrier to the changes needed to take the business forwards.

  • Business Modelling & Performance Enhancement
    Once a business has a clear picture of its current position, both as an autonomous unit and in relation to its trading environment, future strategies must be formulated and evaluated. Nobody can know exactly what will happen in the future but careful planning and continuous monitoring of variables can enable a business to react and adapt in the most efficient way, thereby moving ahead of its competitors. We are highly skilled in business modelling and can work with key company personnel to really get inside and understand the financial dynamics of a business. This is critical in enabling us to develop realistic projections of the businesses position and performance.

  • Cash and Liquidity Management
    Cash shortfalls are the most common reason for businesses to fail, but with careful monitoring and timely reaction, such situations can often be avoided. You may be in a position to improve the performance of your business without having to generate any additional revenue. We can provide a robust analysis of your current forecasts in order to identify any cash shortfalls and having done so, work with you to negotiate the most advantageous solutions with your bank. In addition we can often help to improve the profile of your working capital cycle in order to release cash and thereby avoid the need to raise additional (and often high cost) capital.
  • MBOs / MBIs
    As a member of a senior management team you have a wealth of insight and experience in your business.  You would like to evaluate, raise funds for and to manage a potential acquisition of a business.  Our experts can discuss the process with you and help you to obtain a clear understanding of your position.  Should you wish to proceed then we can provide comprehensive support in evaluation, negotiation, raising funds and managing the process of the acquisition.


Design and technical implementation:
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Eksit oglaĊĦevalska agencija d.o.o.