There are generally a number of critical points in the life of a company where the shareholders are faced with key decisions that will have a very significant impact on the future value of their stakes in the company. These opportunities have the potential to significantly enhance the value of the shareholders' stakes if the right decision is made, but can also greatly destroy value if not carried out correctly. The importance of making the right decision is increased by the fact that many shareholders will not have experienced similar situations before. In these situations shareholders need to be able to rely on experienced independent advisors who can evaluate all of the factors relevant to making the right decision.

  • Raising finance
    There are a variety of reasons why a company may wish to raise finance: a unique acquisition opportunity; to deleverage its balance sheet; to repurchase its own shares; or to undertake a significant expansion program.  We assist clients not just in raising the finance, but in making sure that the finance is appropriately structured for the business and its shareholders.
  • Business sale support
    A business is not a commodity with a known market value - its value is different depending on the perspective of the person evaluating it.  The goal in a sale process is usually to identify the party to whom the business has the greatest value and then to manage a sale process so as to extract the maximum possible value to the sellers.  This is a more complex, time-consuming and specialist process than it sounds.  The provision of expert advice and assistance in a corporate sale will invariably ensure a better outcome and maximise the value to the sellers.
  • Business acquisition support
    A number of empirical studies about the impact of corporate acqusitions on shareholder value has clearly demonstrated that fewer events have the capability to either enhance or destroy shareholder value to such an extent.  It is relatively easy to fail to define a clear acquisition rationale, to overpay, to neglect key elements of due diligence, to omit to carry out a clear integration plan, or to fall into one of the many other common acquisition pitfalls.  We assist clients by defining a clear path through the acquisition process and increasing the likelihood of a successful, value enhancing acquisition.


Design and technical implementation:
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